Summer 2017 Research Projects

Agricultural Economics

Regan Gilmore

Implications of an Environmental Tax on Meat Consumption for the Livestock and Grain Sectors in the United States and Nebraska

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Animal Science

Jessica Schmidt

Subjective Evaluation of Temperament in Beef Cattle: Does Training Improve the Reliability of the Assessment?

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Architectural Engineering

Monica Houck

Barbara Mullen

Feasibility and Efficiency Analysis of Cathodic Protection for Concrete Steel Reinforcement

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Nina Bui

Characterization of Coenzyme F420 and F420 Dehydrogenase

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Jocelyn Daubendiek

Blake Hass

Brianna Kellar

Naomi Kirkvold

Characterization of liver endothelial cells in a mouse model of progressive fatty liver

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Timothy Thielen

Identifying the essential residues for the [4Fe-4S] cluster binding in Mycobacterium tuberculosis WhiB1

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Spencer Jones

Interactions between the Sigma Factors and the WhiB7 Protein in Mycobacterium Species

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Cameron Schaecher

Sydney Townsend

Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Sestrin2 Post-Translational Modification and Its Significance on Adipocyte Metabolites Secretion Under Energy Stresses

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Biological Systems Engineering

Joseph Stapleton

Janelle Adams

Characterization of Various Hydrogels Utilized for Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Sensor Delivery Platforms

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Daniel Rico

Determining Model Performance across Versions in a Drought Forecast Environment

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Galen Kreifels

Unmanned Aircraft for Measuring Lake Turbidity

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Conner Lunn

Digital Tools for Dust and Odor Nuisance Risk

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Merrett Lane

Micro-Hydropower Generation along the Platte River

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Jacob Rix

Spatial Variability of Streambed Hydraulic Conductivity across Multiple Stream Orders

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Center on Children, Families and the Law

Rebecca Human

Madison Morrissette

Evaluating Parent Perception of Fairness in the Douglas County FIRST Court

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Leah Engquist

Lancaster County Family Treatment Drug Court Track Evaluation

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Shardhat Daggumati

Tony Le

Constructing a Genome-Scale Metabolic Model For Methylobacter

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Phu Nguyen

Exploring the Mechanical Effects of Cardiac Fibrosis

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Tyler Johnson

Madison Royse

Nanoscale Understanding of Polymers for Sustainable Energy Applications

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Nicholas Flaxbeard

Alexis Krepps

UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team

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Jessica Harms

Nicholas Kite

UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team

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Classics and Religious Studies

Amanda Bulger

Brian Niedert

Exhuming Morgantina: Individuals and Society in a Hellenistic and Roman insula at the site of Morgantina (Sicily)

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Ian McGovern

Landscape and Environmental Impact and Influence on Classical Cultures from Antiquity and the Degrading Effects on the Archeological Record due to Excavating Processes During a Field Survey

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Dylan Severino

Jacob Winters

Mapping and Analyzing the Difficulty of Sentences in Latin Prose and Poetry for Pedagogical Use

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Alec Sery

Cody Nelson

The Velatouri Tower of Attica, Greece: Greek Fortification Architecture in Classical and Hellenistic Borderlands

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Computer Science and Engineering

Sk Nasimul Gani

Large-scale Robot Community Capable of Self-Coordination

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Tyler Barker

UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team

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Logan Uhlir

UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Matthew Penne

Flexible Wind Energy Turbine

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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dylan Steinkruger

Developing a Winter Severity Index to Improve Road Mobility

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Regan Kerkman

Testing Instrumentation and Collecting Initial Data for Cloud Physics Research

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Kathleen Ellis

Economic Modeling of U.S. Household Consumption for Forensic Efficiency

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Kurtis Cronican

Effects of Racial Discrimination and Spatial Distribution on the Unemployment and Wage Differential

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Spurti Shivalingaiah

Impact of demonetization on the economy of India

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Sara Duke

Bailea Kerr

Rosamond Thalken

Collaborative Digital Literary Archive Development: The George Eliot Review Digitalization Project: Phase II

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Tina Le

Increasing Motivation in Secondary Students Through Public Writing Partnerships Between College and High School Students

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Entomology/West Central Research & Extension Center

Alexander Lehmann

The Community of Carrion Beetles in Conventional and No-Till Agroecosystems of Western Nebraska

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History with a joint appointment in Ethnic Studies

Kayla Schirf

To Enter Africa from America: U.S. Empire, Race, and the African Question, 1847-1919

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Anna Spethman

We Too Are Intellectuals: South African Women’s Ideas on South African Segregation

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Natalie Lucas

Madeline Neuhaus

Habeas Corpus and Legal Histories of the North American West

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Paige McCoy

Nebraska Immigration: A Comparison Between Past and Present

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Honors Program/English/Women's & Gender Studies

Isaac Coleman

Steelarm: An Independently-Produced Videogame about Privilege and Player Choice

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Landscape Architecture

Keely Anderson

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of High-Performing Built Landscape Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study Investigation of Three Constructed Landscapes in the Great Plains

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Austin Arens

The Effectiveness of the Service Learning Teaching Model in Landscape Architecture

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Emily Freeman

Notable Graduates of the UNL School of Music: A Collection of Biographies and Accompanying Resources

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Lori Nevole

Willa Cather Archive

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Jewel Rodgers

A Scalable Model for Urban Revitalization that Minimizes the Effects of Gentrification

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Cassy Ross

Refugee Resettlement and Entrepreneurship

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Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Ethan Brush

Development of a Positively-Engaged Mechanism to Approximate a Continuously Variable Transmission

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Zvonimir Pusnik

Nucleation and Crystallization of Small Droplets of Poly(3-hexylthiophene)

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Kyle Wengel

Practical Analysis of Mechanical Fasteners

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Nutrition and Health Sciences

Elly Glazier

The Effect of Increased Dietary Protein on Body Protein Breakdown and Anabolic Sensitivity of Bone and Skeletal Muscle During Calorie Restricted Weight Loss

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Brian Smith

Will Beef Make your Child a Better Athlete? Exploring the Associations among Beef Intake, Iron Status, and Athletic Performance in Nebraska Youth Athletes

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Physics and Astronomy

Andrew Shultz

Measurement of Ultra High Energy Neutrino Flux

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Kyly Baxter

Effects of Social Support on Peer-Mentor and Client Relationships for Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Rural Adults with Social Anxiety

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Mackenzie Cissne

Neural Activation of Metacognition in Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

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Aaron Halvorsen

Temporal Activation Patterns of Neural Representations following Visual Statistical Learning

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Art History and Design

Phuc Tran

The Aliens: Illustrated Narratives of Immigrant Experiences Bridging Eastern and Western Cultures

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Biological Sciences

Samantha Moran

Characterization of Ad-vectored Ebola Zaire Vaccine Candidates

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Bethany Hage

Development of Plant G-protein Interactome Database

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Bridget Bickner

Exploring the Benefits of Sexual Cannibalism Avoidance for Male Pisaurina mira Spiders

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Daniel Schoenberg

Mating rates and mating practices of the fishing spider, Dolomedes scriptus

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Erin Oeltjen

Relatedness of Chromatin Proteins and Phenotype in Archaea

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Natural Resources

Owen George

Analyzing Riverbed Dynamics using an Unmanned Aircraft

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Emily Hruza

Water Use Patterns of the Chacma Baboon (Papio ursinus) During the Dry Season in the Mashatu Game Reserve of Eastern Botswana

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Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science

Ngan Nguyen

Engineering Commensal Bacteria to Produce Scytovirin for Combating against Ebola Infection

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Anna Poudel

Part of the Diaspora: Yezidi Kurds of Lincoln

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Brady Wilkerson

Learning in Multi-Layer Perceptrons

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Special Education & Communication Disorders

Elizabeth Hoffman

ForceWIN10 System to Map the Development of Fine Force Dynamics in Children

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Teaching Learning & Teacher Education

Juana Paramo Reyes

Language Application Development (and FunWritr) Community Support Exploration

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