Summer 2016 Research Projects

Agricultural Economics

Agronomy and Horticulture

Lexis Funk

Evaluating Mechanisms of RNA Editing in Plants

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Amy Hauver

Reducing the Potential for Acrylamide Formation in Wheat Products

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Agronomy and Horticulture

Nicolas Herrera

The Mechanism by which Marbling Affects Beef Tenderness

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Megan Campbell

Rachel Dickerson

MayaCityBuilder: Refining a Ceramic Chronology in Copan, Honduras

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Sydney Tillotson

Salmon Pueblo Archaeological Research Collection and the Greater Chaco Landscape

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Madeline Lambert

Design for Decline

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Arts and Sciences

Hannah Hesson

Shelby Wachal

Evaluation of Douglas County Juvenile Court Initial Pre-hearing Conferences

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Blake Hass

Brianna Kellar

The Role of O-fucosylation in the expression and function of Stabilin-2

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Andrew Schacht

Characterization of Iron-Sulfur Clusters in WhiB-like Proteins present in Mycobacterium Species

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Jennifer Wies

Analysis of Histone Deacetylase involvement in P. syringae-triggered Chromatin changes

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Alex Ciurej

Effects of Novel Cytokine Concentrations and Combinations on CD4+ T Cell Differentation

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Biological Sciences

Kaitlyn Stava

Effect of Diet and Bacteria on the Microbiome and Infection Susceptibility in D. Magna

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Biological Systems Engineering

Janelle Adams

Victoria Bart

Hydrogel Platform for Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Sensors for In Vitro and In Vivo Nitric Oxide Detection

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Anna Siebe

Height and Pressure Test for Improving Sprayer Application

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Erin Oeltjen

Cren8 Protein Characterization

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Joshua Mueller

Brynne Schwabauer

UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team

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Matthew Sis

Delivery of Antioxidant Vitamin E to Neural Stem Cells to Increase Transplant Efficiency

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Chemical Engineering

Catelyn Evans

Developing cerebral organoids to model human and mice brain development

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Braden Harm

Proposed Study of Methods Designed to Increase Yield of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell (hPSC) Cultures for Scientific and Clinical Use

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Madison Bierman

Daniel Dooling

UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team

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Classics and Religious Studies

Mitchell Groninger

Political Impacts on Athenian/Theban Material Culture

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Brian Niedert

Assessing the Impact of Digital Data Capture and Management Systems on the Processing and Publication of Archaeological Survey Data

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Abhirup Shome

The Effects of Political and Cultural Boundaries on the Spread of Religion in Archaic and Classical Greece

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College of Nursing

Julia Keown

Joseph McTygue

Morgan Pfeiffer

Emily Marcuson

Amber Soden

Development and Evaluation of an Electronic Application for use on Crash Carts for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Efforts

Faculty Sponsors:

Lauren Hays

Amber Martinez

Enhancing Teamwork Between Nursing and Dental Students via a Blended Interprofessional Education Program

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Computer Science and Engineering

Phuong Ninh

Colton Harper

UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team

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Jeevan Rajagopal

VITA-Math Day

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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

James Lowe

Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Investigation of the Heath Formation, central Montana: Implications for mid-Carboniferous Climate Change

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Haylie Mikulak

Variations in the Extents of Sea Ice and Snow Cover of the Arctic

Faculty Sponsor:

Anthony Skaleski

Interpretations of Unconformities within the Phosphoria Rock Complex and their Implications towards Climate Change: Bighorn Basin Wyoming

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Gean Xin Kok

Schedule Flexibility, Family Friendly Policies, and Absence

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Electrical Engineering

Timothy Carlson

Effects of Acidic, Neutral, and Basic gases on Nanostructured Materials

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Amzie Dunekacke

The Manuscripts of David Livingstone: Shaping and Reshaping Victorian Britain's Ideas about African, Araba, and Indian Populations

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Rosamond Thalken

Collaborative Digital Literary Archive Development: The George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Review Digitalization Project

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Matthew Hanson

READiscover: Creating a Reading Platform for the Digital Age

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Emily Freeman

Performance Practices of the World's Most Famous Oratorio - Handel's Messiah

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Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Hamood Al Rahbi

Matthew Bock

Fluid Mechanics of Soap Bubble Blowing

Faculty Sponsor:

Walker Dimon

Engineering Research Study Abroad at University of Roeun, France

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Nebraska Center for Research on CYFS

Elvira Marciano

Parent-Child Interactions during Preschool: What Factors Contribute to Parent Behavior?

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Nutrition and Health Sciences

Hannah Seyller

Effects of a MicroRNA-Deficient Diet on Cognitive Function and Muscular Efficiency in Mice

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Brianna McKay

The Effect of Youth Performance Training Camp on Football Specific Sport Performance Measurements

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Taylor Bruett

Role of Placental Cell Derived Exosomes in 3-hydroxy-Fatty Acid-Induced Hepatocyte Lipoapoptosis

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Amanda Sughroue

The Consequences of Welfare Bans on Drug Felony Convictions on Crime

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Physics and Astronomy

John Chrostek

Nathan Ray

Simulating and Analyzing the Propagation and Generation of Relativistic Electrons

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Ankit Pant

Effect of Temperature and Pressure Exposure on the Resistance of NiC2O4 (NCO)

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KayLee Flower

The Effects of Substance Use and PTSD Symptoms on Perceptions of Risk in Sexual Assault Victims

Faculty Sponsor:

Kailee Groshans

Critical Facets in A Couple's Sexual Relationship and the Impact of Each on Global Relationship Satisfaction

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Aaron Halvorsen

Infant Language Skill Assessment Predicting Later Mathematical Disabilities

Faculty Sponsor:

Jordan Knapp

Possible Dyslexia Markers May Exist in Adolescents and Their Biological Parents

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School of Biological Sciences

Bridget Bickner

Exploring the Effect of Octopamine on Male and Female Mating Behaviors in the Nursery Web Spider, Pisaurina mira

Faculty Sponsor:

Chris Elofson

Change in Cell Abundance During Nitrate-Mediated Oxidation of Reduced Uranium(IV)

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Tanner Hawkins

Effects on Gopher Disturbance on Plant Succession

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Samantha Moran

Characterization of Seven Human Adenovirus Candidates for an Ebola Zaire Vaccine

Faculty Sponsor:

Erica North

Modification of AD45 Genome for Vaccination and Oncolytic Activites

Faculty Sponsor:

Garrett Wahl

Assessing the Role of IRF3 in the T Cell Mediated Immune Response

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School of Natural Resources

Grace Bullington

Determining Population Occupancy of the Western Barred Tiger Salamander in Southeastern Nebraska Habitats

Faculty Sponsor:

Matthew Russell

Validation of the Cosmic-ray Neutron Method for Estimating Soil Moisture

Faculty Sponsor:

Josiah Johnson

Mapping Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction in Western Nebraska

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Rachel Denniston

Anastasiya Ivanchuk

Carlie Kay

The Structures Module 3 Effectiveness Study: A Single-Subject Design

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Ee Shin Hum

Gender Differences in Mental Health Outcomes: The Role of Social Support and Self-Salience in Externalizing and Internalizing Symptoms

Faculty Sponsor:

Alexander Johnson

An Analysis of Electrodermal Activity with Regards to Minority Health

Faculty Sponsor:

Grecia Macias

Developing Measures for the Evaluation of Colorism in the Latino Population on Campus

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Special Education and Communication Disorders

Megan Asselin

Effects of Taste Stimuli on Swallowing Function in Persons with Traumatic Injuries

Faculty Sponsor:

Megan Rovang

Neural Control of Tongue Movements Across Effort Levels

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University Honors Program

Isaac Coleman

Steelarm: An Independently-Produced Videogame About Privilege and Player Choice

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Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Angela Mercurio

The Role of BAF in Antiviral Response to Poxviruses

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