Website and Database Development for Bioinformatics

Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty Advisor
Qiuming Yao
Contact Email
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
4/1/2022 (flexible)
Paid or Volunteer
Paid by faculty funding
Paid Rate
Hours Per Week

This can be potentially a long-term research project. It can also be served as a UCARE project or Capstones so that students can get good research credits besides financial support. We are looking for several enthusiastic students who are interested in and good at full stack website (javascript, php, angular, nodejs etc) and database (mysql, mongodb etc.) development. You can work individually or as a team. We are a research lab with good publication records on biological websites and databases. We have been recognized by researchers around the world as our valuable customers or collaborators. The students who contribute significantly in this research will be included in the final publication and will be recommended to graduate school. Please send me emails to discuss more details if you are interested. All majors are welcomed.

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