Wearable Computer

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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Eric Markvicka
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Wearables have emerged as an increasingly promising interactive platform, imbuing the human body with always available computational capabilities. This unlocks a wide range of applications, including discreet information access, health monitoring, fitness, and fashion. However, most commercially available wearables are primarily composed of traditionally rigid materials (e.g., metals and hard plastics), limiting their placement to locations of low movement or flexibility (e.g. wrist). To enable access to additional locations, the next generation of wearables will be constructed out of  soft, “skin-like” materials that closely match the mechanical properties of biological tissue. We are looking for students to help us develop new soft, “skin-like” materials and holistic fabrication approaches that push the practical boundary of on-skin electronics that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

 We are looking for students that have interests in embedded electronics, soft electronic materials, or 3D printing. No prior experience is required.

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