Vulnerability of Structural Systems to Natural Hazards

Civil Engineering
Faculty Advisor
Christine Wittich
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Start Date
1/1/2018 but flexible
Paid or Volunteer
Hours Per Week

The overarching goal of this research group is to identify and quantify vulnerability of structural systems (e.g. buildings, bridges, mechanical equipment, agricultural components, etc.) to natural hazards (e.g. earthquakes, tornadoes, etc) and to further design methods of mitigation. Studies within this research group include field reconnaissance following nearby tornadic activity, computer simulations of structures to extreme loads, and experimentation of structures in the laboratory. Students selected for this position will aid graduate students in any of these three areas, depending upon the candidate's experience and skills. Ideal candidates will be undergraduate students in Civil Engineering, with interest in structural engineering and/or remote sensing. Undergraduate students from other departments or fields will be considered if research interests and skills align.

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