Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure and Materials

Civil Engineering
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Yong-Rak Kim
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Hours Per Week
10-20 hours/week

Transportation infrastructure systems such as roadways, railroads, airports, and bridges are key public assets of any country in the world, and it is a great interest to develop relevant technologies for safer, more sustainable, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly performance of the infrastructure systems. Over the last several decades there has been a significant shift from the use of empirical approaches towards the use of mechanistic models and materials science to characterize and predict the behavior of infrastructure systems. These strongly depend on the involvement of multidisciplinary engineering knowledge and integrate it with experimental efforts, new theories, and advanced computational modeling methods. More particularly, there is a critical need to challenge the complex multiphysical (thermo-, mechanical-, hygro-, and chemical) and multiscale (material-mixture-structure) behavior of various multiphase (heterogeneous) infrastructure materials and structural systems for their optimized design and sustainable performance.

To that end, my research program seeks state-of-the-art excellence and technologies for the more sustainable transportation infrastructure and materials by integrating experimental, analytical, and computational approaches based on multiscale and multiphysics understanding. Student researchers who join my lab will assist graduate students for specific topics related to materials, infrastructures, and their linking to characterize properties and to model damage-induced behavior and performance.

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