Student Web Developer

Faculty Advisor
Kirk Dombrowski
Contact Email
Additional Faculty
Kim Gocchi Carrasco,
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
Paid or Volunteer
Paid or UCARE
Paid Rate
Hours Per Week
Acceptable Undergraduate Majors
computer science, sociology, psychology, engineering, art and art history
The Student Web Developer will work with the University of Nebraska Web Developer Network to assist our project managers with the maintenance and technical development of the REACH Lab’s multiple websites and social media platforms. Immediate focus will be a review of content, content updating and code revision as part of the current maintenance. The student will complement existing knowledge with experience with the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies, technical documentation, web standards and best practices for web developers. The ideal candidate should have an eye for clean and artful design and possess excellent user interface design skills. Available hours of work are 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Must be available to work at 10-15 hours a week. Please send a resume and cover letter to (Kim Gocchi Carrasco).

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