Social Network Software Developer


Faculty Advisor
Dr. Bilal Khan
Contact Email
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
Paid or Volunteer
Paid by faculty funding
Paid Rate
Hours Per Week
Minimum 10 hours per week
Acceptable Undergraduate Majors
Computer Science, Math, Psychology, Economics, Physics, Sociology

Help us improve our system for social network data collection and analysis as part of the ODIN Project!  We are looking to hire a motivated part-time Software Engineer to be part of our team.  You will begin by familiarizing yourself with the system and code, and then help us improve ODIN by coding new modules in Java and Python. Qualified candidates will be students at University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an interest in a software development and/or testing career.


  • Document ODIN’s distributed system architecture and design new tests for it.
  • Write and document Android Java, back end Java code, and Javascript front end code, Python for data analysis, and visualization.
  • Write software tests and address defects observed.


  • Ability to write clear, readable, and maintainable code, especially in Java and Python.
  • A working knowledge of object oriented programming paradigm.
  • The ability to work on programming problems for several hours at a time.
  • Ability to communicate technical information clearly.

Must be available to work at least 10 hours a week, at least 5 of which must be in the SNRG Lab between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Please send a resume and cover letter to (Dr. Bilal Khan).

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