Political Attitudes and Cognition Lab

Political Science / Center for Brain, Biology, & Behavior
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Ingrid Haas
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Volunteer, can apply for UCARE 18-19
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The Political Attitudes and Cognition Lab (directed by Dr. Ingrid Haas;

http://polisci.unl.edu/paclab) is currently recruiting undergraduate research assistants to help with various projects in the lab during the remainder of the 2017-2018 academic year and beyond. The lab studies political attitudes and beliefs, and how evaluation is influenced by affect, emotion, motivation, and social identity. This is an interdisciplinary lab, combining methods and ideas from social psychology, political science, and social neuroscience (fMRI).

 Undergraduate research assistants in the lab gain hands on experience in participant recruitment and the collection of behavioral data. All RAs will be required to commit to volunteering in the lab 5-10 hours/week and attending all relevant lab meetings. With experience and motivation, possibilities exist for greater involvement in experimental design, data analysis, and idea generation, along with involvement in fMRI data collection and analysis. Many students in the lab have also been successful in applying for UCARE funding.

 Previous coursework in political science, psychology, neuroscience, research methods, and/or statistics and a minimum GPA of 3.0 are preferred. All students interested in social or political psychology and especially those interested in interdisciplinary work are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to those students interested in pursuing graduate degrees.

Programming expertise (e.g., R, Unix, Python) and/or desire to learn is a bonus, but not required.

 Please email the lab (paclab@unl.edu) with any questions or to express interest.

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