The Peer Ethology Project (PEP)

Educational Psychology
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Meredith Martin
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Paid or Volunteer
Volunteer, can apply for UCARE 18-19
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The Peer Ethology Project (PEP) is designed to better understand social power dynamics, aggression, and victimization among children with a history of maltreatment. Is there a benefit to employing aggressive behavior for at-risk youth? In what ways do traumatic family experiences spill over into children's peer relationships? Undergraduate research assistants will have an opportunity to work directly with Dr. Martin, learning to observe and evaluate video-records of peer interactions. This sort of hands-on observational training can provide essential skills for students looking to pursue a career in psychology or a related field. Interested students have the option of volunteering, applying for UCARE funding, or enrolling for course credit (EDPS 497: Research in Educational Psychology) upon approval from the instructor.

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