Pause. A 3D version of a ubiquitous typeface with a specified degree of shadow.

School of Art, Art History & Design

Faculty Advisor
Stacy Asher
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Start Date
Mon, 08/22/2022 (Flexible start date)
Paid or Volunteer
Paid by UCARE funding
Acceptable Undergraduate Majors
Graphic Design

“Pause” is a style of letterform design that has multiple variations and is scalable for use as fonts. This typeface design is taking liberties to transform Helvetica into an expressive typeface. Multiple font variations of Helvetica have been created since its inception but none portray dimension or shadows and has always been known as one of the most utilitarian typefaces, not celebrated for its ability to convey an emotion or express a certain feeling.

Typography is a central part of my creative practice. I have worked with typographic form in art and design projects and have taught courses in typography for many years. I incorporate fundamentally important principles of typography into my teaching and practice such as setting type to honor the content. How do typographers do this and still entice the reader to experience the words? This requires time to pause and reflect on the goals of the message, who will be reading it, why and what are the desired outcomes.

The typeface that will be designed will be published and released for public access. The typeface will be available for use by graphic designers all over who are looking for unique display fonts. It will be featured on its own website that will be produced with the undergraduate research assistant and will be promoted through social media strategies. Working with an undergraduate research assistant who is also passionate about typography and design will provide an opportunity for professional development for us both.

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