Other Research Opportunities

Students can participate in undergraduate research at UNL and beyond through many programs besides UCARE. Learn more about the following programs:

research in the field

Research Courses

Research courses—upper-level courses designed to challenge students through applied problem-solving—introduce you to research methods. Research courses are marked by the code “rsh” in the course listings. Credit value varies from course to course; current information is listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Course offerings are diverse, from Introduction to Library Research (1 credit) to Research Methods and Data Analysis (psychology; 3 credits) to Research Proposal Development (music; 1 credit). Research courses exist for nearly every major.

Research Courses Abroad

Enrich their studies abroad through research. Contact Education Abroad to learn more about UNL-faculty-led research trips or consult with your department chair about overseas study abroad opportunities.

Research for Credit

You can also research for course credit. Most departments require permission from the department chair for you to receive credit for research, and there are usually prerequisites that may include either specific classes or class standing as a Junior or Senior. All requirements are listed and maintained in the Undergraduate Bulletin. You can earn between 1 and 9 credits of research per semester, depending on the program and the extent of involvement.

Some programs limit the number of research credits per semester, and a limited number of credit hours earned through research may be applied to a degree. The Undergraduate Bulletin and the departmental policies have current information concerning those limits.

Departments and Colleges across campus maintain databases of opportunities. Check both the department and school websites for ongoing research projects and opportunities for undergraduate researchers.

Other Research Opportunities

Become an Amgen Scholar! The UCSD Amgen Scholars program is a 10-week, full-time research experience for Undergraduates, supported by the Amgen Foundation. For more information about the program and application process, visit UCSD Amgen Scholars.

Explore summer research opportunities at the U of A. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC) provides participants with research training and graduate school preparation through an intensive 10-week research experience. Applications are now available at UROC.

Find information on CIC universities, links to university graduate admissions web sites, and links to CIC programs, all in one place: Gateway to Graduate Education.

Apply to be a Boren Scholar! Live in a critical country to study its language and culture for up to one academic year. Learn more about the scholarship and the application procedures. For the on-campus deadline and to learn more about applying for the Boren, vist borenawards.org/institutions/nebraska/.

Summer Research Opportunities

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate researchers during the summer. There are three main categories of summer research:

  1. Opportunities exclusively available to UNL students
  2. Opportunities for UNL students and undergraduate researchers from affiliated universities
  3. Opportunities for undergraduate researchers from other universities to perform research with UNL faculty on UNL’s campus

Many universities offer summer research programs on their campuses. Explore the opportunities listed here or look for summer research programs you may be interested in at other institutions.

UCARE Research Opportunities

The Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences Program, funded by the Pepsi Endowment, supports opportunities for undergraduate researchers to work alongside faculty members and directly participate in the campus's research or creative activities. Undergraduate researchers may apply for UCARE awards to incorporate a research or creative experience into their undergraduate education. Students interested in researching with UNL faculty during the summer only or during the summer and the academic year are encouraged to apply.

CIC SROP Research Opportunities

The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) is a CIC-sponsored research program designed to engage talented undergraduate students from underrepresented groups and prepare them for graduate study through intensive research experiences with faculty mentors and academic enrichment activities. UNL undergraduates can apply through the CIC’s shared application or through individual university applications (if applicable). More details on SROP, including application instructions, are available on the CIC SROP website.

The Nebraska Summer Research Program (SRP)

For students from other universities who want to spend a summer conducting research at UNL, the Nebraska Summer Research Program offers a preview of graduate school life. This intensive research experience provides mentoring and research experiences.

Students with a strong interest in graduate programs and students from populations traditionally underrepresented in graduate education are encouraged to apply. Participants apply to a specific program and work within a cohort for the duration of the program.