Molecular Engineering

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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Start Date
Mon, 05/30/2022
Paid or Volunteer
Paid by faculty funding
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$ 12 /hour
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Acceptable Undergraduate Majors

The molecular engineering (ME) program at the Transformative Interfaces and Coating Laboratory is accepting applications to fill two research positions for conducting research at the frontier of materials discovery, exploring the organic networks and frameworks with applications in carbon capture, carbon dioxide conversion, oxygen reduction, molecular separation, and ion sorption. This project is in line with two recently awarded grants from National Science Foundation proposing to develop a new approach to ME.

The proposed work will create a novel manufacturing process by allowing the synthesis of porous organic frameworks that have not yet been processed as thin films. Moreover, the proposed research pathway allows for studying the physical and chemical properties of the frameworks, essential for developing fabrication processes with low environmental impact and energy footprints.

To read more on the research agenda please see the news on Nebraska Today

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