Modeling the efficacy of an implanted artificial intraocular lens after cataract surgery

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Ryan Pedrigi
Contact Email
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
1/16/18 but flexible
Paid or Volunteer
Volunteer, can apply for UCARE 18-19
Hours Per Week

Develop a finite element model of the post-surgical lens capsule with implanted artificial intraocular lens using the most widely used commercial software package available, Abaqus. Learn numerous computational techniques used in the field of bioengineering, including finite element analysis, Matlab programming, and adaptive modeling. Join a team that is working in the exciting technical areas of mechanobiology, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering to make an impact in the fields of cardiovascular medicine, diabetes, wound healing, and ophthalmology.

 Please contact Dr. Ryan Pedrigi for more information.

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