Investigation and Development of Multiphysics Modeling Software Applications for Architectural Engineering Educational Use

Architectural Engineering
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Jay Puckett
Contact Email
Additional Faculty
Dr. Lauren Ronsse
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
3/1/2018 but flexible
Paid or Volunteer
Paid, can also apply for UCARE
Paid Rate
Hours Per Week

The student will learn how to build models and applications in the COMSOL multiphysics modeling software.  The student will investigate and develop COMSOL applications related to architectural engineering topics that may be used for educational and instructional purposes.  The initial focus of the project will be to develop applications related to architectural acoustics and building noise control.  The student will also have the opportunity to develop applications related to other areas of architectural engineering (AE) and to explore live linkages to Revit for geometry.

Examples of some applications in AE are as follows:

Architectural Engineering students interested in any area of specialization (structural, electrical/lighting, or mechanical/acoustics) are encouraged to apply.

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