Historic Preservation Programming

Nebraska State Preservation Office

Faculty Advisor
Jessica Tebo
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Acceptable Undergraduate Majors
Architecture, History, Archaeology

The Nebraska State Preservation Office is a state government agency that oversees the preservation of cultural and historic resources. We manage eight different programs designed to engage with the public all across the state of Nebraska. A large part of our mission is to educate communities about their rich and diverse historical resources, with the goal of empowering individuals to feel pride and ownership in these places. We are also an interdisciplinary organization. Our staff has expertise in history, architecture, GIS, state law, and archeology. As a member of our department, you would have the opportunity to engage with primary source research, travel the state, participate in community meetings, help prepare legal documents, document historic resources, and design educational outreach opportunities. Our office is located right on campus, next to the Union, so daily travel should not be an issue.

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