Highly Sensitive Child observations

Educational Psychology
Faculty Advisor
Kathleen Moritz Rudasill
Contact Email
Additional Faculty
Dr. Michael Pluess, Queen Mary University, London
Start Date
Paid or Volunteer
Volunteer, can apply for UCARE 18-19
Hours Per Week
10 (flexible)

Volunteers will work on a project being conducted in partnership with colleagues at Queen Mary University to develop an observation protocol for use in early childhood classrooms to identify children who are highly sensitive. High sensitivity is a temperament trait; highly sensitive individuals process their environment more deeply, have heightened empathy, and are more sensitive to environmental stimuli, such as noise or light. In short, they are more easily overwhelmed than those with lower sensitivity. There is currently no measure of high sensitivity for use in classrooms, yet classrooms can be quite overwhelming for children.

Volunteers will work on multiple tasks: reading about high sensitivity, contacting teachers for focus group participation, recording focus groups, communicating with schools and conducting classroom observations. This work will lead to a pilot study to test the observation protocol in the 2018-2019 school year.

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