FunWritr Literacy and Language Learning Project (AI Programming, HCI Design, & Education Research)

Learning Teaching & Teacher Education
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Justin Olmanson
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There are three different positions*:

      1. Server-side programmer: refactoring + special projects (python, NLTK, APIs, AI & NLP algorithms)

      2. Human Computer Interface Designer & Client Side programmer: redesign (html5, swift, flash builder)

      3. Literacy and Language Learning Researcher (research design, fieldwork, data analysis, write up)

FunWritr is an experiment in literacy development and language acquisition that uses computational linguistics to create an invisible intelligent educational mashup to support and engage learners, ages 8 and up in open-ended writing and language exploration activities. FunWritr combines traditional writing supports such as spell checking with visual representations of the words and phrases they type. It supports learners as they compose text in any genre and on any topic. FunWritr also serves as a gateway to language exploration. Learners can write stories, notice elements of English grammar usage, and play with word meaning.

In the past, CS students who have worked on this project have gone on to work for Microsoft. Designers who have worked on this project have gone on to do graduate work in Stanford's dSchool. Education students who have worked on this project have gone on to do PhD work at Columbia Teacher's College.

 For more information on the FunWritr project see the project portfolio:

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