Fluid dynamics of toys

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Faculty Advisor
Sangjin Ryu
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Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
6/1/18 but flexible
Paid or Volunteer

Toys offer amusement to not only kids but also adults, and various toys are based on scientific principles. The goal of this research is to find fluid dynamic principles of selected toys. Examples of such toys are soap bubble guns and liquid drop timers, both which employ the pinch-off phenomenon of bubbles and drops driven by surface tension. In this project, we will experimentally investigate fluid-dynamics-related phenomena of selected toys and understand underlying working principles.

 We seek one UCARE researcher with background in mechanical engineering or relevant science/engineering fields to help with all aspects of research.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Sangjin Ryu to discuss further details of the projects.

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