Family Development Project

Faculty Advisor
Rebecca L. Brock
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Start Date
9/1/16 but flexible
Paid or Volunteer
Acceptable Undergraduate Majors

The Family Development Lab, under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Brock, is
currently seeking research assistants for the 2016-2017 academic year. The
primary objective of the lab is to investigate the development of
psychopathology (e.g., mood and anxiety disorders) across the lifespan with a
focus on the family context and its etiological significance. Our research
examines couple and family processes (e.g., conflict, support, warmth and
closeness) across various stages of family development. Multi-method
approaches are employed (questionnaires, clinical interviews, behavioral
observations) to assess qualities of family relationships and the health and
functioning of family members (adults and children). The research conducted
in this lab informs the development of interventions aimed at preventing and
treating individual psychopathology and comorbid family dysfunction.

The strongest candidates for a research assistantship will be psychology
majors with a GPA greater than 3.5. Candidates with prior research experience
(e.g., participant recruitment and retention, clinical interviewing,
behavioral observation, data management, supervision of a research team) are

This assistantship is eligible for course credit. Members of the lab will
receive training in couples and families research methods and will actively
contribute to ongoing clinical research. Lab members may also be invited to
present or publish their own lab-related research. Career mentorship (e.g.,
navigating graduate school applications) will be available. A major focus of
the assistantship will be training in clinical interviewing which may be of
particular interest to those planning to pursue a graduate education in
clinical or counseling psychology.

Please visit the lab website for more information:

Instructions for applying for the research assistantship are located at:

Posting expiration: January

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