Educational Robot for Controls Engineering

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
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Benjamin Terry
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5/20/2018 but flexible
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Off-the-shelf educational robots are commercially available; however, they are expensive and difficult to repair and maintain.

The Sky Claw is designed to be robust enough to handle the heavy use (and abuse) that educational robots receive, yet it is inexpensive and employs readily available off-the-shelf components and materials so that repair of worn or damaged parts can be performed by lab TAs at low cost. The purpose of this project is to design, fabricate, program and test a custom educational robot, The Sky Claw, for use in the MME department's robotics and control curriculum. The Sky Claw is a 4-degree of freedom robot that is being built for the department's controls lab and will support graduate-level controls lab work for up to 24 students. The Sky Claw is a gantry crane-type robot equipped with a rotary encoder, potentiometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and force sensor. Its actuators are servo motors and lead screws driven by DC and stepper motors. The Sky Claw is also modular in that it allows students the flexibility of choosing their own controller hardware and software platform.

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