Drop coalescence in limited confinements

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Faculty Advisor
Sangjin Ryu
Contact Email
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Start Date
6/1/18 but flexible
Paid or Volunteer

The goal of the research is to experimentally investigate coalescence of liquid drops (in air or immiscible liquid) in limited confinements such as Hele-Shaw cells (two-dimensional confinement). Upon touching each other, drops coalesce or merge because interfacial surface tension tries to minimize surface area between liquid and gas phases. We expect that such coalescing behaviors will be affected by how drops are confined and by surface wettability of confining surfaces. In this project, we will squeeze two liquid drops into a pancake shape using a lab-built instrument, let them merge and observe their coalescence using high-speed video imaging.

 We seek one UCARE researcher with background in mechanical engineering or relevant science/engineering fields to help with all aspects of research.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Sangjin Ryu to discuss further details of the projects.

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