Development of Web-based Interactive Curriculum for Healthy Eating in Child Care

Child, Youth and Family Studies
Faculty Advisor
Dipti Dev
Contact Email
Additional Faculty
Lisa-Franzen Castle, Tonia Durden
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
Paid or Volunteer
Paid Rate
Hours Per Week
Up to 10 hours/week

The Healthy Eating in Child Care project involves development of a web-based interactive curriculum with video clips and supporting materials for educating child care teachers about healthful eating strategies for preschool children (2-5y). During this research project, the student will receive training and hands-on experience for conducting literature review, using citation management software, qualitative data analysis, writing video scrips, and evaluating the developed materials using formative assessment.

Skills required: Passion for encouraging healthy eating in children to prevent childhood obesity, interest in working with teachers and children and using technology.

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