Developing a Smart Phone Application for Radio Telemetry

School of Natural Resources

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Mark Vrtiska
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Acceptable Undergraduate Majors
Natural Resources, Wildlife and Fisheries, Computer Science, Computer Engineering

Radio telemetry is an important and widely-used tool for wildlife biologists in obtaining information on animal movements, survival, and habitat use. Typically, radio telemetry consists of locating an individual animal by “tri-angulating” – i.e., using a radio-receiver and antenna and taking 3 or more bearings and then determining its location at the intersection of the bearings. Accurate locations are required and need to be taken in an expeditious manner (which decreases either the extent or probability the animal moves). Two School of Natural Resources biologists are looking for an undergraduate to help develop a smartphone application that will allow biologists to conduct, enter, store, and present triangulation data in real-time. This would allow biologist instant information on the accuracy of their radio-tracking. Interested students will learn about the process of radio telemetry and use this experience to assist in creating an application.

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