Converting Weather & Climate Information into Nuisance Risk Assessment Tools for Animal Producers

Biological Systems Engineering and School of Natural Resources
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Rick Koelsch
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Martha Shulski, Stonie Cooper, Rick Stowell
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The Nebraska State Climate office is providing new opportunities for utilizing weather data and forecasting resources.  Our faculty team proposes to employ a student to develop a new set of tools for assessing odor and dust risks associated with an animal feeding operation. Our intent is to engage a student in the analysis and summation of existing weather data resources for developing location specific siting tools for new animal feeding operations to minimize community dust and odor risks.  In addition, our intent is to explore interactive tool development to review timing and location of high risk odor activities such as manure storage agitation and land application of manure.  Finally, we propose to adapt existing wind direction and speed forecasting tools to provide an "Odor Forecast" for activities such a land application of manure.

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