Contaminant Fate and Transport in Aquatic Ecosystems

Biological Systems Engineering
Faculty Advisor
Tiffany Messer
Contact Email
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
5/15/2018 but flexible
Paid or Volunteer
Volunteer, can apply for UCARE 18-19
Hours Per Week

Dr. Tiffany Messer is seeking one to two undergraduate research assistants to assist graduate students investigating fate and transport of pesticides in rivers. The Messer research team focuses on identifying, tracing, and treating contaminants of emerging concern and nutrients in highly disturbed ecosystems through innovative sensor technologies for water quality monitoring and ecosystem based Best Management Practices. Student’s will assist research for quantifying the potential role of river geomorphology on photochemical transformation fate and degradation rates of insecticides and nutrients in stream and lake environments. Ability and interest to work in both field and laboratory settings is vital. More information about the Messer Lab can be found at Please email Dr. Messer at with resume and interest statement.

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