Building Active, Safe, and Healthy Communities

Community and Regional Planning

Faculty Advisor
Yunwoo Nam
Contact Email
Potential UCARE Research Position?
Start Date
05/16/2022 (flexible start date)
Paid or Volunteer
Hours Per Week
Summer=20 hours per week; Academic year=10 hours per week
Acceptable Undergraduate Majors
Any majors with interests in making active, safe, and healthy community

The way how the community is designed and their built environment conditions have a direct effect on the physical activity, injuries, health and well-being of its residents in both individual and community contexts. This project improves a reliable community assessment framework and tool with which people in a neighborhood can examine residential conditions and other environmental characteristics for use in pro-actively improving and strengthening their neighborhood. Students participate in field observation, built environment assessment, and/or identifying barriers and facilitators for walkable environment.

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