Breast Cancer Cell Metastasis to Bone Cells: Role of Mechanical Loading Milieus

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
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Jung Yul Lim
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Breast cancer (BC) is one of the most prevailing malignancies in women with bone being the most common site to which BC metastasizes. The BC metastasis to bone results in serious consequences including bone pain, pathological bone fracture, and dysregulated bone destruction, leading to critical impairment in the quality of life. Studies have determined the mechanisms and outcomes of BC cell metastasis to bone cells to some extent. On the other hand, when considering that cells in bone are constantly exposed to mechanical loading environments, there is a critical knowledge gap on the role of mechanical loading milieus in affecting BC metastasis to bone. To address this, our project proposes a mechanobiology approach that exploits stretch loading to study its effects on BC cell metastatic potential and on BC cell interaction with bone cells in a well-defined 2D co-culture model.

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