Undergraduate Research Agreement

The Undergraduate Research Agreement establishes research benchmarks for the duration of the research project. You collaboratively develop the benchmarks and deadlines with your faculty advisor. The faculty research advisor will use the benchmarks to measure your progress and assess whether you are on track. Not meeting the benchmarks may result in dismissal from the UCARE program.

Projects accepted to UCARE will be required to complete an Undergraduate Research Agreement. Agreements will be sent to the student and faculty member to complete prior to beginning research. The Undergraduate Research Agreement must be completed by you (the undergraduate researcher), the faculty advisor, and the designated supervisor (if applicable) in order to begin the enrollment process.

A digital copy will be kept on file. You, your research advisor, and the designated supervisor should all keep copies of the Agreement.

Benchmarks guide you through the research project; they are not set in stone. If you discover that you must revise the benchmarks, simply work with your faculty advisor to do so. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at ucare@unl.edu.