For Faculty

Faculty mentors play a vital role in the undergraduate research experience, providing guidance and inspiration while nurturing researchers' critical thinking skills and increased self-confidence.

Faculty members advising UCARE researchers are asked to:

  • Maintain presence on campus or in the field while UCARE researchers are working on their research
  • Provide timely feedback to UCARE and the undergraduate researchers concerning their progress
  • Help UCARE researchers complete the benchmarks from the Undergraduate Research Agreement
  • Encourage the undergraduate researchers to participate in UCARE-sponsored events
  • Assist the UCARE researchers with posters for the UNL Spring Research Fair or Nebraska Summer Research Symposium

Before agreeing to support an undergraduate's UCARE application, you might check to ensure that the student is eligible to apply.

As a faculty research advisor, you may advise a total of three students working on individual projects or a team project.

Once you've established eligibility, you'll work with your student to define expectations and benchmarks for the project and to determine a research schedule. The undergraduate applicant will have primary responsibility for writing the UCARE research abstract, which provides an overview of the project and oultines your expectations for completing the research experience.

In the case of a team proposal, all team members should participate in writing the research abstract and all students should submit the same project title and abstract when applying.

Identifying an Undergraduate Researcher

To help undergraduates learn about your research opportunities, post your opportunities for a UCARE, volunteer, or paid undergraduate researcher on our website.