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Big Questions, Bigger Possibilities Undergraduate Creative Activity and Research at UNL 2016-17 UCARE starts Sept 12

Undergraduate research at UNL includes the arts, education, engineering, humanities, and the traditional sciences like chemistry, biology, and physics. Research projects range from studying switchgrass plants grown for biofuel to identifying and cataloging the poems of Walt Whitman, from exploring the effects of background noise on productivity to creating textiles made of corn. The UCARE program is supported by generous gifts from the Pepsi Quasi Endowment and Union Bank & Trust.

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A ten-week research opportunity (June-August).

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UCARE academic year program

A research opportunity for the academic year (Sept – Apr).

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Brenna Boyd

Brenna Boyd

An acoustical study performed by Brenna Boyd, a UNL junior architectural engineering major and UCARE recipient, suggests loud cheering at hockey games probably doesn’t help the home team and might actually create a disadvantage for the players on the ice and the fans in the stands.

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